Stencil updates
Stencil updates

New year - new inspiration

Kickstart 2021 with a collection of engagement-centered template designs for a variety of platforms, including Patreon, Spotify and Youtube.

Get your monthy template inspiration

Discover 16 beautiful templates to get your online shop or blog up and running this December.

Export Icons in 3-clicks :)

Helloooooo icons! You know how sometimes you just want the perfect icon to use in a presentation, website or design? Well, today we're adding the ability to export any icon in just 3-clicks.

Download icons up to 2000x2000 in seconds. Just right-click on any icon to see this menu:


Then, choose what size you want to export:


New engagement-centered templates

Increase engagement, encourage likes, sharing and subscription with these 16 new templates.

Import images from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and more!

Ever wanted to dump a whole bunch of images from another service right into Stencil? Well, now you can! Quickly import images directly from:



Google Drive



Link (i.e. a website address that already hosts your image)

Camera (That's right, the camera on your device!)

You'll be amazed at how fast you can get your photos into Stencil! Give it a try today, you'll find the Import Images button below the upload pad in the Uploads and Logos/Watermarks section. You can also import images from the My Account menu.

Millions more photos & icons

We're happy to announce that as of today, there are now over 4,800,000 photos and 3,100,000 icons. Combined, that means that with Stencil you have access to 7,900,000 icons & photos.

So go forth and create!

Canvas Resizer 2.0 is here

Today, we're launching the all-new canvas resizer, which will make finding sizes dramatically easier and a whole lot faster!


  • Filter by searching through any of the canvas size presets or even the custom ones you've created. Instantly find the size you're looking for!
  • Switch between pixels, inches and centimeters so you can get the exact size you need for any application.


  • Tons of new presets added, now with 140 and counting! Learn more about our preset sizes and how easy instant resizing is with the new resizer in Stencil!

Share Templates with 2-clicks

We made it easy for you to share templates right from your Stencil account. Now, when you right-click on any template, you'll see the Copy Public URL option.


Selecting that option will give you a quick-and-easy way to copy a Public URL for that template.


Get ready for Fall with these awesome templates

Create your own thanksgiving day and halloween promotions with our newest Autumn-special pack.

2 Million New Photos Added from Unplash


Woah! Big news: We've partnered with Unsplash to bring their entire collection of over 2 million beautiful stock photos right into Stencil.

These photos are curated, absolutely stunning, and safe for personal or commercial use…with no attribution required! Oh, and the best part: As their collection grows, the new images will instantly be added in Stencil as well.

These photos are ready for you to use starting right now on any Pro or Unlimited account.